About Us

Ebling Snowplows is a division of Ebling and Son Blacksmiths Inc. We are a snowplow back blade manufacturer located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our family owned 5th generation company has been fabricating and repairing metal for over 120 years. We do not shoe horses or build wagon wheels anymore, however we do manufacture the best snowplow back blade in the industry.

To the best of our knowledge the first back blade in Grand Rapids was installed on a Jeep around 1962. The concept didn’t really take off until the 80’s. The introduction of the hydraulic wing in 2001 brought a large increase in snowplowing efficiency and the “Ebling Back Blade” became known as the superior brand for its strength and reliability. Today we continue to grow the company through our dealership network and by talking directly to the end user. We value your relationship with us and want to help you grow your business through our products.